Video Processing (Offshore) - Roundabouts

Video Processing (Offshore) - Roundabouts


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VideoProcessing - Roundabouts

VideoProcessing will be done for Roundabouts for all the individual lane corresponding and directional movements for any number of vehicle classification using the videos supplied to us.  We have experience in providing services for entire India for the past 13 years. Our team can provide accurate data with analysis if needed within the time period specified. Our team is entirely guided and supervised by traffic engineering specialist. We provide accurate data with required vehicle class.

Time period option varies from one hour to seven days i.e., 168 hours. Customers can choose from one hr to 168 hr or more depending upon their requirement.

In case of any special requirements, request can be sent to our customer care at

Delivery of Data

Extracted information and Data will be provided in Ms Excel Format as per client requirements. 

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