Classified Traffic Volume Count - Four Lane Road - Both Directions

Classified Traffic Volume Count - Four Lane Road - Both Directions


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Classified Traffic Volume Count Survey – Manual Method

Traffic volume surveys are conducted to collect data on the number of vehicles that pass a point on a particular road during a specified time period. Time period varies from one hour to seven days i.e., 168 hours. Traffic Volume count survey is done by vehicle classification and directional movement. Vehicle Classification will be done for the following major types including Passenger Cars, Two- Axle Trucks, Three Axle Trucks, Buses, LCV, HCV, Cycles, Auto Rickshaw, Animal Drawn Vehicles, Police, and Ambulance.

In case of any additional vehicle type classification or modification of classification of vehicles required, request can be send to us indicating the type of vehicles and the formats to be utilized for the same to our


Data will be provided in Ms Excel Format as per the standard formats available with us or formats which will be provided to us. Data will be sent to your mail ID after one working day from the time of completion of surveys.

Report with Data & Analysis:



Hourly, Daily, Monthly Traffic Variation, Cordon Counts, Screen line Counts, AADT, ADT, PHV and VMT.


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