Pedestrian Survey - Max Pedestrians 100/hr

Pedestrian Survey - Max Pedestrians 100/hr


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Pedestrian Count Survey

Pedestrian Count Surveys can be booked based on your initial assessment of Max pedestrian per hour at a particular location along a road or pathway.

Pedestrian Count Surveys will be conducted at the requested location by you and the collected data on the number of pedestrians who pass along or across on a particular road during a specified time period. Time period options available are 8, 12, 16 and 24 Hrs.

In case of any additional requirements, request can be send to us indicating the type of requirement and the formats to be utilized for the same to our customer care mail ID:

Delivery of Data

Data will be provided in MS Excel Format as per the standard formats available with us or formats which will be provided to us. Data will be sent to your mail ID as per the time period requirements opted by you.

Data Usage

Hourly, Daily, Pedestrian Traffic Variation for building pedestrian bridges, platforms, Commercial Establishments, Markets, etc.

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