Video Processing

We process the video files sent to us using software and manual methods to get the required traffic data with accuracy as per your requirements. Once the data is processed, we will send it to you in Ms Excel Format.

Link Flow Counts/Classified Traffic Volume Counts/ATCC

Traffic counts are the basic for any studies and the primary measure of demand. Demand volume is needed as input in planning, design, traffic control, operations, signal timing and others. We conduct classified traffic volume counts by manual, video and ATCC – Road Tubes, Radars and IR technologies.

Classified Turning Counts/Turning Movement Counts

Any traffic study requires accurate traffic counts. Determining how many vehicles use a section of an intersection is necessary for analyzing and timing signals, determining capacity and estimating level of service. The turning movement counts are done controlled intersections or uncontrolled intersections depending upon the requirements. The traffic volume data governs the effectiveness of traffic control measures, geometric modifications and maintenance requirements.It provides informed decision about the traffic is evenly distributed among all the approaches. Heavy turning volumes and percentage of heavy vehicles in an intersection. Delays due to uncontrolled intersections and Peak Hour factor of the intersection.We conduct detailed classified turning counts for Roundabouts, Diamond Interchange, Uncontrolled intersections, three way and four way junctions, Cloverleaf interchange, Gyratory system and other types of junctions as required using Manual and Video Methods.

Origin – Destination Counts & Matrix Analysis

Traffic Volume counts need to be supplemented by Origin – Destinations of the vehicles counted to provide information about the path and frequency. We conduct OD surveys using various methods like Road Side Interviews, ANPR and Household Interview techniques. We conduct OD surveys for the development of transport models also. This survey helps us in identifying the bypass roads, alternate routes for toll roads, leakage traffic, weaving area, freeway and activity centre studies.

Parking Survey

Parking is one of the major transportation facility required in any cities. We do on street and off street parking counts, analysis and studies. Success and failure of any business parks, Malls, Railway Stations, Bus Stations, Multistoried parking, Surface parking, Airports, or public use facilities depends on parking availability. We study supply and demand for parking for any influence area. We collect parking data based on manual, video graphic, ANPR sources. Parking Survey report provides statistics and complete information about duration of stay, accumulation, demand, frequency, utilization of parking area, turnover, existing capacity, regulatory and requirement of additional spaces for the improvements.

Pedestrian Counts

This survey is used to count the pedestrian along the pathway and across the roads. It involves the counts and path of the pedestrian at some locations for establishment of footpaths, landscaping, parking area development, station area development like railways, metro, airports, busstations malls and business parks. We use manual and videos to count the pedestrians.

Non-Motorized Users Counts

Bus Station Surveys

Train Station Surveys

Queue Length & Delay Surveys

Traffic Conflict Studies – Pedestrians, Cyclists, Vehicles & Equestrians

Illegal Traffic Movements

Railway Level Crossings Surveys

Degree of Saturation Surveys for Signalized Road Junctions

Calibration of Permanent Loops with Videos

Cycle Path Usage

Footfall Surveys

Validation of ANPR data with original video

Manual Data Entry into MS Access/MS Excel